June 10, 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Zoom Webinar

Since 1979, the foreign policy focus of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been disproportionately on the Arab World. It is also in the Arab World – in countries like Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen – where the United States and Iran have over the years competed for influence and often engaged in a zero-sum game contest for regional power. Meanwhile, the costs of Iran’s interventions in the Arab World are significant both in direct and indirect terms. Can Iran stay the course? What is the impact of Iran’s Arab policy on Arab countries? Finally, what policy challenges does Tehran’s commitment to maintaining a strong hand in the Arab World represent to Washington? To discuss these matters, MEI is delighted to welcome a panel of experts.

Hanin Ghaddar
Friedmann fellow, Geduld Program on Arab Politics, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Nader Uskowi
President, Sagewood Consulting; non-resident senior fellow, Atlantic Council

Mohsen Sazegara
Iranian journalist and political activist
Alex Vatanka, moderator
Director, Iran Program, MEI

Photo by Michael Gruber/Getty Images