November 28, 2023
10:30 am - 11:30 am


Zoom Webinar

Created in June 2020, MEI’s Defense Leadership Series is a speakers’ forum for current and former high-level military and defense leaders from both the United States and the Middle East to discuss the most important policy issues facing the two sides. The series was inaugurated on June 10 with a conversation with U.S. Marine Corps General and Commander of CENTCOM Frank McKenzie.

In this installment, MEI Senior Fellow and Director of the Defense and Security Program Bilal Y. Saab speaks with Schuyler Moore, chief technology officer at CENTCOM. This conversation will focus on the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) in U.S. defense policy and security cooperation efforts in the Middle East.

Speaker Biography

Schuyler Moore is currently Chief Technology Officer for CENTCOM. She was previously Chief Strategy Officer for Task Force 59, integrating unmanned systems and AI into fleet operations for NAVCENT. In her role, she identified and secured $20M+ in funding for the Task Force and developed the 59 model for rapid identification, testing, and deployment of robotics and AI tools.

Schuyler was previously Senior Defense & Foreign Policy Advisor at the U.S. House of Representatives for the Armed Services Committee, where she wrote tech legislation enabling AI adoption and capability-driven funding. She also served as Director of Science & Technology (S&T) on the staff of the Defense Innovation Board (DIB) in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering, leading projects related to 5G, network architecture, cybersecurity, A.I., and biotechnology.

Schuyler was also a Senior Analyst at an aerospace & consulting firm, with a special focus on defense budget forecasting and emerging technologies. She taught at a women's boarding school in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2013 and continued to remotely tutor and mentor her students until 2018.

Schuyler was named Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2021, and holds a Master of Arts degree in Technology & Security from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Harvard University.