July 2, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Zoom Webinar

The United States is present in the Black Sea region with three strategic partnerships focused on security with Georgia, Ukraine, and Romania. The strategic partnerships are tailored on the three countries with differing security challenges. While Romania is a NATO member state and a host of US military, Georgia and Ukraine are challenged in their sovereignty and territorial integrity. However, the three countries are brought together by their respective strategic partnerships with the United States, and shared threat perceptions and common security interests for the Black Sea region. The Middle East Institute (MEI) Frontier Europe Initiative is pleased to host a discussion with the Ambassadors of Georgia, Romania and Ukraine to the United States on the importance of US-Black Sea strategic partnerships.
What do the three strategic partnerships entail for national security? How do strategic partnerships and the United States presence impact Black Sea regional security? What are the priorities of US strategic partnerships for future regional security?


David Bakradze
Georgian Ambassador to the United States
George Maior
Romanian Ambassador to the United States
Yelchenko Volodymyr
Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States
Iulia Joja, moderator
Senior fellow, Middle East Institute, Frontier Europe Initiative