Despite setbacks from the war against ISIS, Iraq remains the world's fourth largest producer of oil, second only to Saudi Arabia among OPEC states. However, the administration of this vital natural resource has been plagued by corruption and disputes over how revenues should be allocated to promote equitable economic growth. The issue has drawn Iraq's ethnic, sectarian, and political divisions to the surface.
How can Iraq harness oil revenue to strengthen institutions, grow the economy, and empower Iraqis to rebuild their society? How are relations between Baghdad and Erbil and other sectarian tensions complicated by the "resource curse," and what can be done to overcome it?
The Middle East Institute (MEI) is pleased to host a panel discussion examining options and priorities for improving governance in Iraq, featuring Erin Banco, investigative reporter for the Star-Ledger and; Alan Eyre (State Department), Omar Al-Nidawi (Gryphon Partners), and MEI Scholar Jean Francois Seznec. The panel will be moderated by MEI's director for conflict resolution and Track II dialogues, Randa Slim.