Dr. Rahaf Aldoughli teaches courses on Politics and History of the ''Middle East'' at Lancaster University. She was a Visiting Fellow at LSE Middle East Centre and also won a fellowship with WIIS (Women in International Security) in Washington D.C. 

Her areas of research expertise include identifying the ideological borrowings between European and Arab nationalism, the rise of the nation-state in the Middle East, the Syria crisis, militarism and the construction of masculinity in the Arab world.

Before moving to Lancaster, she was lecturer at the University of Manchester teaching Modern Middle Eastern History. She was based at the Centre for Cultural History of War. Her articles have appeared in the Middle East Journal, British Journal of Middle East Studies, Journal of Middle East Women's Studies, Contemporary Levant and Syria Studies. She is currently working on her book Constructing the Nation: Masculinism and Gender Bias in Syrian Nationalism, which looks at the idealization of militarism in Syrian culture with particular focus on the origin of the Ba’ath ideology in the thought of Syrian nationalists.

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