About Track II Dialogues

Track II dialogues help participants gain a keener understanding of each other's perspectives about the issues under consideration, provide platforms to formulate and test options for new solutions for conflicting issues, and generate insights that help expand officials’ understanding of the issues. Track II diplomacy has become an increasingly important part of the evolving international political landscape, working both as a conflict prevention and management tool and as an important component of peace-making strategies.

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About Our Work

MEI has convened numerous dialogues focusing on the conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Set in venues across the region and in Europe, these meetings have drawn participants from the Middle East, the United States, Russia, China, and the EU. While the meetings are conducted under Chatham House rule to ensure free flow of conversation, the program has released reports summarizing the key findings and points of discussion.

Randa Slim

About the Director

Randa Slim

A long-term practitioner of Track II dialogue and peace-building processes in the Middle East and Central Asia, Slim is the author of several studies, book chapters, and articles on conflict management, post-conflict peace-building, and Middle East politics. In addition to being an MEI fellow, she is a non-resident fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced and International Studies (SAIS) Foreign Policy Institute.

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