March 30, 2022
9:30 am - 10:30 am


Zoom Webinar

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February sent a shock through the global economy. The crisis comes on the heels of disruptions to supply chains and pressure on commodity prices worldwide. For countries in North Africa, this has exacerbated economic strains from the COVID-19 pandemic.
How will the Ukraine crisis further impact food security and energy prices in Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco? What are the fiscal and budgetary impacts on these economies and are there feasible solutions to reduce the pressure on citizens?

Please join us for a panel discussion with MEI’s North Africa and Sahel program experts.


Roberta Gatti
Chief Economist of Middle East and North Africa region, World Bank

Geoff Porter
President, North Africa Risk Consulting, Inc.

Michael Tanchum
Non-resident scholar, Economics and Energy program, MEI

Intissar Fakir, moderator
Senior Fellow and Director of Program on North Africa and the Sahel, MEI


Photo by SOFIENE HAMDAOUI/AFP via Getty Images