May 28, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Zoom Webinar

As the United States continues to engage in peace talks with the Taliban, even as Washington considers its future military presence in Afghanistan, the country’s uncertain future provides an opportunity for regional power competition. Recent developments have laid the groundwork for coordination between Iran and Russia in this space, a cooperation which has implications for Iran’s rivalry with Pakistan. At stake in this interplay of regional interests are long-term geopolitical, military and economic interests that can be shaped for years to come. 

How might Iran approach the divergent and common interests of Iran, Russia and Pakistan in Afghanistan? What are Iran’s priorities, and where might opportunities emerge for cooperation or conflict? How might Iran balance these competing interests, and what will be the impact on the ground in Afghanistan? The Middle East Institute (MEI) is proud to host a group of experts to address these questions and more.


Madiha Afzal
David M. Rubenstein fellow, Foreign Policy program, The Brookings Institution

Fatemeh Aman
Nonresident senior fellow, ACSouthAsia,The Atlantic Council

Kamran Bokhari
Director of analytical development, Center for Global Policy

Amin Tarzi
Director, Middle East studies, Marine Corps University

Alex Vatanka, moderator
Senior fellow and director, Iran program, MEI

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