December 16, 2020
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


Zoom Webinar

The Middle East Institute’s (MEI) Frontier Europe Initiative has recently launched a report, A Sea Change?: China’s Role in the Black Sea. The report seeks to address China’s policy vis-a-vis the countries of the Black Sea from several angles. What is the nature of China’s presence in the Black Sea? Is China a significant player in the region’s energy scene? What is the state of Chinese-Russian relations? 

To answer these questions, we are joined by three authors: Ivan Safranchuk, Michal Meidan, and Michael Gunter.


Michael Gunter
Professor, Political Science, Tennessee Technological University 

Michal Meidan
Director, China Energy Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Ivan Safranchuk
Senior research fellow, Institute of International Studies, Moscow State Institute of International Relations; non-resident fellow, CSIS

Gonul Tol, moderator
Senior fellow, Frontier Europe Initiative; director, Turkey Program, MEI

Photo by Sergey Mihailicenko/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images